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Digestion in the Geriatric Population

Age-Related Changes that affect Digestion and Eating in Geriatrics Diminished smell and taste, less efficient chewing, decreased salivation, changes in GI tract.
Elderly maintain the ability to detect _______ tastes, but have more difficulty detecting ____, ____, and ____ tastes. Sweet: Sour, Salty, Bitter
Which are two nutrients specifically affected by age related changes in absorption? Calcium and Vitamin D
Elderly need more or less calories? Less
The quality of calories for older adults does not need to be as great as that for younger adults? T or F? Falser
Minimum daily protein requirements are ___ to ___ g/kg of body weight. 1.0 to 1.2
Daily fiber requirements include 25 to 38 g/day
Fat requirements include no more than 10% to 30% of daily caloric intake
What are 7 risk facts affecting digestion and nutrition? Poor oral care, medications, psychosocial, cultual, socioeconomic, environmental, myths (laxative overuse)
Elderly adults tend to eat less with the loss of a companion? T or F? True. 30% decline in caloric intake
Name 4 functional consequences affecting digestion and Nutrition. Inability to prepare, procure, and enjoy food. Oral changes. Nutritional need changes. Effects on quality of life.
Two or fewer bowel movements weekly, or hard, dry feces is known as what? Constipation
Which tool is used to asses digestion and nutrition in elderly? The mini nutritional assessment (MNA) tool
What should a nurse assess in relation to digestion and nutrition? Usual nutrient intake. Risk interfering with obtaining, preparing, eating, and obtaining food. Lab data. MNA.
What percentage of community-living older adults does undernutrition occur in? 5% to 12%
What percent of hospitalized elderly experience undernutrition? 55%
What percent of long-term care adults experience undernutrition? 52% to 85%
Name 4 nursing diagnosis related to digestion and nutrition in the elderly. Readiness for enhanced nutrition. Altered nutrition: Less than body. Constipation. Impaired Oral Mucous Membrane.
4 things to improve in planning a wellness outcome for elderly Appetite, nutritional status, oral hygeine, depression level
A lack of Knowledge related to which issue should be discussed with patients. Constipation
Oral care is important in the nutritional status of elderly adults? True or False? True
Created by: Blitzkid22