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Chapter 13 Terms

Distribution Function Involves determining the best methods and procedures to use so that prospective consumers can locate, obtain, and use a business's products and services.
Direct Channel The producer sells the product to final consumers.
Indirect Channel Includes other businesses between the producer and consumer.
Channel Captain Takes responsibility to identify channel members, assign distribution activities, help members agree on performance standards, and facilitate communication among channel members.
Wholesalers Companies that assist with distribution activites between businesses.
Wholesale member clubs Businesses that offer a variety of consumer products to members through a warehouse outlet.
Retailer The final business organization in an indirect channel of distribution for consumer products.
Inventory Shrinkage A loss of products due to theft, fraud, negligence, or error.
Specialty of limited line-retailers Offer products from one category of merchandise or closely related item.
Mixed merchandise retailers Offer products from several different categories.
Service retailers This has services as their primary offering with a limited number of products for sale that complement the services.
Non-store retailing Involves selling directly to the consumer at home rather than requiring the consumer to travel to a store.
Franchising A business relationship in which the developer of a business idea sells others the rights to the business idea and the use of the business name.
Atmospherics The elements of the shopping environment that are appealing to customers, attract them to a store, and encourage them to buy.
Physical distribution the process of efficiently and effectively moving products and materials through the distribution channel.
Distribution center A facility used to accumulate products from several sources and then regroup, repackage, and send them as quickly as possible to the locations where they will be used.
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