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xray unit

for labeling in the operatories

part of the xray unit that contains the xray tube, the high voltage and low voltage transformers and insulating oil tubehead
lead lined position indicator device is used to aim the x-ray beam at the film/digital sensor in the patients mouth PID
wire between the tubehead and the control panel is enclosed in the hollow extension arm, the arm has an important function in positioning the tubehead Extension arm
where you adjust the KVP/MA, kind of xray you are taking, area to be exposed control panel
turn machine on and off power switch/ master switch
button to take the xray exposure button
controls the number of electrons that are produced milliamperage selector
used to control the penetrating power of the x-ray beam kilovoltage selector
device used to protect the reproductive and blood forming tissues from scatter radiation lead apron
a flexible led shield that is placed securely around the neck thyroid collar
button to select what kind of xray your going to take: digital , traditional traditional/digital selector
what area you are going to expose anterior, posterior , bitewing radiograph to be taken
sensor that is used to take digital radiographs digital sensor
x-ray film used to take traditional posterior/ anterior/bitewing xrays size # 2 film
x-ray film used to take traditional anterior films size # 1 film
x-ray film used to take traditional occlusal films size # 4 film
x-ray film used to take traditional films that need a copy made at the same time duplicate film size # 2
blue ring, blue bite block,2 bends in rod equipment used for taking/placement of traditional anterior films
yellow ring, yellow block,one bend in rod equipment used for taking / placement of traditional posterior films
red ring, red block,straight rod equipment used for taking/ placement of traditional bitewing films
snap a ray equipment used for bisecting when paralelling cant be done, or when traditional ring/rods cant be used
black ring double side rod holder, yellow block, angled rod equipment used for taking/placment of digital sensor for posterior xrays
black ring double side rod holder, blue block, angled rod equipment used for taking/placment of digital sensor for anterior xrays
black ring single side rod holder, red block, straight rod equipment used for taking /placement of digital sensor for bitewing xrays
green holders equipment used for takning/ placement of digital sensor for endodontic xrays or when ring/rods can not be placed ( bisecting )
Created by: cynthia.fryer