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Module 7- StudyGuide


Developmental Dysarthria A speech disorder resulting from damage to the immature nervous system. This disorder is characterized by weakness, paralysis, and incoordination of speech musculature.
List the three developmental mortor speech disorders. Developmental dysarthria, Developmental anarthria, and Developmental Apraxia of speech
Developmental anarthria A speech disorder showing complete lack of speech due to profound paralysis, weakness, and incoordination of the speech musculature.
Developmental apraxia of speech The imapaired ability to voluntarily use the right movements in speech without paralysis, weakness, or incoordination of the speech muscles.
Bilingualism A speech disorder that occurs when a bilingual person switches between languages within a sentence or conversation.
Specific Language Impairment A term used to describe a group of children with a consistent history of developmental speech and language delay.
Developmental Dyslexia A reading disorder in which the child has difficulty attaching sound and meaning to written words. The child struggles with reading orally and comprehending what is being read.
How does Asperger's effect speech? Older children see the effects of this syndrome durring conversational speech, as it is usually one-sided.
Myelination Brain maturation that allows for more rapid transmission of neural information.
Myelogenesis A cycle where certain neural regions and systems begin the maturation process early and others much later.
cerebral plasticity A state before age one when certain cortical areas are not matured. At this stage in development, a child could have damage to the left hemisphere, but shift language function to the right hemisphere.
Mixed dominance An occurance that happens when there is an inconsistancy in laterality of speech and other motor functions.
Acquired childhood aphasia A disorder found in children who began to develop language normally and then sustains a language disturbance as a result from cerebral damage.
Landau-Kleffner Syndrome A type of childhood aphasia associated with convulsive seizures.
Stuttering the inability to sequence motor movements for fluent speech.
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