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GI disturbances are the most significant side effect of this drug ferrous sulfate
What teaching is appropriate for food with ferrous sulfate With food initially, then between meals long term.
How should the nurse respond to a pt who worries about dark green/ black stool color with iron Normal effect
Instructions to prevent staining with liquid iron Dilute with water or juice, drink with straw, rinse mouth when done.
Most common SE of IV dextran is Anaphylaxis
What should be kept on hand with IV dextran Epi-pen and resucitation equipment
IM iron should be given with what special sort of shot? Z-track
What is typically given prior to full dextran tx to ensure safety? A small test dose
Which lab needs to be normal before D/C iron supplementation Hemoglobin
The presence of Vit B12 helps to catalyze the conversion of what to it's active form? Folic Acid
In what forms can B12 be administered PO, IN, IM, SubQ
All patients with B12 deficienies benefit from Oral B12? T v F? False
Pts using IN routes should avoid what and how long before drug admin? Hot foods, one hour
A pt with severe neurological deficiency from B12 deficiency should be given what form of the drug? parenteral
Prenicious anemia tx continues for how long? A lifetime
Who should be on Folic Acid Tx? Women considering pregnancy, pregnant women, alcoholics, chemo pts, child w/ poor nutrition, and pts with SI disease
The antidote for folic acid Vit B12 supplements
Promote platelet proliferation Interleukin-11
Promote RBC proliferation Erythropoietin
Promote WBC proliferation GCSF
All hematopoietic growth factors come in an oral formulation False
Who should receive Erythropoietin Pts status post chemo, HIV pos pts with anemia from AZT, pt with anemia from chronic renal failure, severe anemia in a pt scheduled for elective surgery
This is the most significant side effect of Erythropoietin HTN
How frequently should peopel on Erythropoietin have CBCs done Twice weekly
Hemoglobin levels above 12 in pts on Erythropoietin can increase the risk fo what? Cardiovascular events and death
This is used in cancer pts with neutropenia to decrease infection risk Filgrastim (GCSF)
Bone pain is a common side effect of which hematopoietic drug that is also used to counter neutropenia in cancer pts. Filgrastim (GCSF)
This drug works in 5-9 days and is more effective in pts with less myelosuppression Oprelvekin (Interleukin-11)
Major adverse effects such as Fluid retention, Cardiac dysrythmias, severe allergic rxns, and conjunctive infection are caused by which drug? Oprelvekin (Interleukin-11)
Oprelvekin (Interleukin-11) is administered by which route? SubQ
All hematopoietic drugs are made by recombinant DNA technology and are therefore VERY expensive. True
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