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Chapter 3 class 2

exclusion procedure or service that is not included in the insurance contract
time limit amount of time from day of service to the date the claim can be filed with insurance company
waiting period amount of time a individual must wait to become eligable for insurance
medicare insurance that is offered to individuals age 65 and older or under form of disability
medicaid insurance that is offered to the poor or those on wellfare or disabled individuals
reimbursement cycle a process from start to finish used to collect money in the physician
balance money owed
patient registration form form used to collect patient information
encounter form form that contains areas to check off or write in diagnoses and procedures
assignment transfer of an individuals right to collect amount payable under an insurance contract
CHAMPVA federal program that covers medical expences of spouses and children of veterans of total permanet service connections disabilities
managed care prepaid health plans that deliever a full range of services with a emphasis on prematitive medicine also known as HMO
private insurance individuals and group insurance offer either employment or independtly
TRICARE government sponsored program that provides benefits for dependants of active service personalle
unemployment comp disability insurance coverage for off the job injury or sickness that is paid for by deductions from a person pay check
RA(remittance advice) medicare and medicaid program used to suscribe service that were billed and how the payment was determined
provider individual or organization that provides health care services
day sheet register that shows all the transactions from a patient seen in a day
accounts recievable total amount of money owed for professional services
EOB(explanation of benefits) document that describes services billed and includes the break down and how payment was determined
list which forms need signatures that need to be optained from the patient release of information, finacial agree
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