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Bag and suitcase 1

What can you find in a bag or a suitcase?

bag taška
suitcase kufor
passport pas
ticket lístok
stamp známka
letter list
pen pero
air ticket letenka
soap mydlo
wallet peňaženka
key kľúč
handkerchief vreckovka
towel uterák
comb hrebeň
ring prsteň
mirror zrkadlo
postcard pohľadnica
map mapa
pencil ceruzka
umbrella dáždnik
book kniha
dictionnary slovník
skirt sukňa
examination prehliadka
control kontrola
watch hodinky
newspaper noviny
tooth brush zubná kefka
shaving needs holiace potreby
camera fotoaparát
tooth paste zubná pasta
shirt pánska košeľa
gloves dámske rukavice
socks ponožky
stockings pančuchy
glasses okuliare
open bag otvorená taška
closed suitcase zatvorený kufor
handkerchiefs vreckovky
passport control pasová kontrola
customs examination colná prehliadka
exchange examination devízová prehliadka
outside vonku
inside vnútri
in front vpredu
at the back vzadu
up hore
down dole
where kde
what čo
here tu
there tam
now teraz
esle ešte
this, it to
Created by: Livia
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