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Slovak language

Živočíchy - Animals

krava cow
koza goat
ovca sheep
baran ram
prasa pig
kôň horse
zajac rabbit
pes dog
mačka cat
krt mole
myš mouse
jeleň deer
kamzík chamois
medveď bear
diviak boar
vlk wolf
líška fox
jež hedgehog
veverica squirrel
slon elephant
ťava camel
lev lion
tiger tiger
ľadový medveď polar bear
sob reindeer
tuleň seal
krokodíl crocodile
opica monkey
orol eagle
sova owl
bocian stork
havran raven
vrabec sparrow
lastovička swallow
slávik nightingale
jarabica grouse
bažant pheasant
sliepka hen
hus goose
kačica duck
moriak turkey
holub pigeon
včela bee
osa wasp
motýľ butterfly
mucha fly
komár mosquito
pavúk spider
mravec ant
had snake
jašterica lizard
žaba frog
slimák snail
kapor carp
šťuka back
pstruh trout
sumec catfish
okúň perch
veľryba whale
delfín dolphin
žralok shark
korytnačka turtle
Created by: Livia
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