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oc ch 4 Orlando R

Articles of Confederation

The Magna Carta A documentsigned by King John in 1215 made king subject to law.
Influenece of the Magna Carta on the Constitution Enlightement-a philosophical movement that emphasized the use of reason to examine old ideas and traditions.
Thomas Jefferson's Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom This document declared that no person could be forced to attend a particular church or be required to pay for a church with tax money.
Northwest Ordinance of 1787:slavery It stated that slvery in the territory is banned.
Northwest Ordinance of 1787:adding new states When the population of a territory reached60,000 people,it settlers could draft a constitution and ask to join the union.
Purpose of the Land Ordinance of 1785 and the Northwest Ordinance of 1785 It set up a system for surveying and dividing western lands and divided thirty six square miles in two thirty six laws of 640 acres of land.
Major influences on the u.s. Constitution The U.S. Constitution created a republican form of government based on the consent of the people.The farmers of the Constitution blended ideas and examples from both the American colonies and from England to write this lasting document.
How the Articles of Confederation reflected the ideas in the Declaration of Independence Congress would become the single branch of the national government,it would have limited powers in order to protect the liberties of the people.
Significance of the Articles of Confederation The law protected civilliberties and required that public education be provided.The ordinance stated that "there shall be niether slavery nor involuntary servitude[forced labor] in the... territory."
Main Cause of Shay's Rebellion Massachusetts's refused to print worthless paper money.It tried to pay its war debts by collecting taxes on land.
U.S. government's response to Shay's Rebellion The courts began forcing them to sell their property.Some farmers had to serve terms in debtors' prison; others had to sell their labor.
American citizens' response to Shay's Rebellion Bands of angry citiaens closed down courts in western Massachusetts.This reasoning was simple with the courts shut down,no one's property could be taken.
Significance of Shay's Rebellion The uprising of farmers to protest high taxes and heavy debt became known as Shay's Rebellion
Main features of the Articles of Confederation This last condition banned slavery in the territory and set the standard for future territories.
Problems with Britian after the Revolution The United States ewanted to gain control of these forts because they protected valuable lands and fur-trade routes.
Problems with Spain after the Revolution Congress tried to work out an agreement woith Spain,but the plan did not receive the majority vote in Congress.
Purpose of the Constitutional Convention Confederation Congress invited each state to send delegates to a convention in Philadelphia.
Virginia Plan He proposed a new federal constitution that would give sovereingnty,or supreme power,to the central government.
New Jersey Plan Which called for a unicamerical,or one-house,legislature. The plan gave each state an equal number of votes,thus an equal voice,in the federal government.
Great Compromise The agreement to create a two-house legislature became known as the Great Compromise.
North vs South disagreement over slavery at the Constitutional Convention The signed constitution was sent first to congress and then to the states for ratification.
Three-Fifths Compromise Under this agreement only three-fifth slave population would count when determining representation.
Popular sovereignty The idea that political authority belongs to the people.
Federalism Federalism is the sharing of power between a central government and the states that make up a country.
Purpose of checks and balances in the government Congress has the power to pass bills into law.The president has the power to veto,or reject,laws that congress passes.Congress can override the presidents veto with a two-thirds majority vote.
How the constitution reflected the ideas in the Declaration of Independence Thought the constitution gave too much power to the central government.Constitutional convention should not have created a new government.
Power of the national government("delegated" powers") They thought it was a careful compromise between various political views.
Power of the state governments("reserved"powers) Tried to reassure Americans that the new federal government would not overpower the states.
Shared powers between national and state governments("concurrent" powers) The Federalist papers were widely reprinted in newspapers sround the country as the debate over the constitution continued.
Federalists and their arguments for the constitution The federalists had to covince people a change in the structure of government was needed.
Antifederalists and their arguments against the constitution Constitution did not have a section that guaranteed individual rights.
The Federalists Papers These essays supporting the constitution were written anonymously under the name Publius
The Bill of Rights-What was it AND how it reflects the ideas in the Declaration of Independence 10 of the propused amendments intended to protect citizens' rights.These 10 amendments set a clear example of how to amend the constitution to fit the needs of a changing nation.
Reasons the U.S. Constitution is still in use more than 200 years later The flexibility of the U.S. constitution has it allowed it to survive for more than 200 years.
Created by: orlando rosas