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Segundo/ Tercer paso

Telling someone what to/not to do and giving explanations

well-being el bienestar
competition la competencia
To dedicate dedicar
Stop smoling Deja de fumar
to train entrenarse
stress el estrés
to avoid evitar
fat la grasa
habit el hábuti
to be on a diet hacer régimen
Don't add salt No añadas sak
Dib't smoke anymore No fumes más
Don't be..... No seas
Get into shape Ponte en forma
deeply profundamente
to relax relajarse
to breathe respirar
health la salud
Be careful Ten cuidado
to remember acordarse (ue) de
to get tired cansarse
to give permission dar permiso
to have fun divertise (ie)
to ache; to hurt doler (ue)
It's just that........ Es que...
I was going to......but I wasn't able Iba a... pero no pude
to injure (oneself) lastimarse
to forget (about) olvidarse (de)
to complain quejarse (de)
to have a cramp tener calambre
to sprain torcerse (ue)
elbow el codo
neck el cuello
shoulder el hombro
wrist la muñeca
thigh el muslo
calf (of the leg) la pantorrilla
knee la rodila
ankle el tobillo
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