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Ch31: Marketing

Chapter 31: Branding, Packaging, & Labeling

a name, term, design, symbol, combonation of these elements that identifies a product or service and distinguishes it from its competitors. brand
also called a product brand, is a word, group of words, letters, or numbers that represent a product or service. brand name
also called corporate brand, identifies and promotes a company or a division of a particular corporation. trade name
a unique symbol, coloring, lettering, or other design element. brand mark
specific type of brand mark, one with human form or characteristics. trade character
word, symbol, name, device, or a combonation of these elements that is given legal protection by the federal government. trademark
also called producer brands, are owned and initiated by national manufacturers or by companies that provide services. national brands
also called private brands, store brands, dealer brands, or private labels, are developed and owned by wholesalers and retailers. Private distributor brands
products that do not carry a company identity. generic brands
is a branding strategy that uses an existing brand name to promote a new or improved product in a company's product line. brand extension
a legal authorization by a trademarked brand owner to allow another company to use its brand, brand mark, or trade character for a fee. branding licensing
a combonation of manufacturer, private distributer, and generic brands as a strategy to sell products. mixed-brand
combines one or more brands in the manufactur of a product or in the delivery of a service. co-branding
the physical container or wrapping for a product. package
the practice of packaging different products and services together. mixed bundling
when two or more similar products are places on sale for one package price. price bundling
packages with preformed plastic molds surrounding individual items arranged on a backing. blisterpacks
incorporates a technology that keeps food fresh without refridgeration for extended periods. aseptic packaging
packaging that is used by companies to promote social and political causes. cause packaging
an information tag, wrapper, seal, or imprinted message that is attached to a product or its package. label
gives the brand name, trademark, or logo. brand label
gives information about the product's use, construction, care, performance, and other features. descriptive label
states the quality of the product. grade label
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