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Indonesian Mem. Card

Indonesian Vocubalry Assists

ada be present,to have/own, there is
lebih more
tempat to be/place
takut afraid
besar big
beritahu to inform
biasa usual, normal, customary
matang ripe/cooked
warna colour
tolong to help
beda difference
lengkap complete
jawab answer/repky
kumpul to assemble/ associate
gaul associate
pakai to use/wear
buka open/ take off
milik possession
heran surprosed
harga price,value,cost
membawa to bring s.t or s.o
membutuhkan to need
dengar to hear
senang happy
ikut to go along/follow/join
weak, worn out lelah
to put/place taruh
right, correct betul
thought,idea,to think pikir
to help tolong
to look/seek mencari
to try/ make an attempt to do s.t coba
noise, sound bunyi
to enter masuk
to like, pleasure suka
friend teman
mambantu to help/assist
fine/good baik
to speak ber/bicara
aim, purpose maksud
dirty kotor
dirty mengurus
to meet s.o bertemu
to wash s.t cuci
taste, feel rasa
to run lari
push dorong
to live hidup
to forget lupah
acceptance terima
Created by: Jono