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Maori language

Maori terms and sentences

Kotiro Girl
Hiainu Thirsty
Tamaiti Boy
Hiakai Hungry
Riri Angry
Pouri Sad
Raua/ratau Them/they
Makariri Cold
Turoro Sick
Tane Man
Ngenge Tired
Pawera Worried/anxious
Respond to this: Kei te pehea te kotiro? (Angry) Kei te riri te kotiro.
Respond to this: E pewhea ana raua? (Hungry) E hiakai ana raua.
Matawaenga Unsure
Kiwikiwi Grey
Pango Black
Aha What
Whero Red
Karaka Orange
Kakriki Green
Kikorangi Blue
Kowhai Yellow
Mawhero Pink
Ma White
Pukaka Brown
Waiporoporo Purple
Enei These
Respond to the following: He aha te tae o tenei poraka? (Purple) He waiporoporo te tae o tenei poraka.
Respond to the following: E whia nga pene? (one) Kotahi te pene.
Respong to the following: E whia nga Karaka? (six) E ono nga Karaka.
Respond to the following: E whia nga turu? (sixteen) Tekau ma ono nga turu.
Turu Chair
Karaka Clock
Tepu Table
Manaakitaga Caring for students as Maori and acknowledging their manna
Mana motuhake Having high expectations
Nga Whakapiringatanga Managing the classroom to promote learing
Wananga and Ako Using a range of dynamic, interactive teaching styles
Kotahitanga Teachers and students reflecting together on student achievement in order to move forward collaboratively
Tauwhawhai Contesting
Poro Ball
ia he, she, him, her, it
Kiki Kick
Whakaretireti To ski or surf
Te The
Aha What
Nga Those
Kaukau Swim
Puri To hold/ retain possession
Rakau Weapon/ bat
Haukuru To hit in sport
Eke To ride
Paihikara Bicycle/ bike
When do you insert 'a' into a sentence? Before a name.
When do you insert 'te' into a sentence? As 'the' or before terms of adress e.g. boy, girl.
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