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Hearing Measurement

Masking, Tympanometry, Audiogram, Speech Audiometry Report writing

When do you mask for Air conduction? ACTE - IA > or = BC
What is cross hearing? When the sound is heard opposite the test ear
What is Interaural attenuation? loss of energy of a sound as it travels from the test ear to the non-test earl; number of decibels lost in cross hearing
What is effective masking? The minimum amount of noise required to just mask out a signal at a given hearing level
What is the symbol for left unmasked air conduction X
What is the symbol for right unmasked air conduction? O
What is the symbol for left masked air conduction? [] *box
What is the symbol for right masked air conduction? Triangle
what is the smbol for right unmasked bone conduction? <
what is the symbol for left unmasked bone conduction? >
What is the symbol for right masked bone conduction? [
what is the symbol for left masked bone conduction? ]
What is the interaural attenuation for headphones? 40 dB
what is the interaural attenuation for earphone inserts? 50 dB
how do you determine starting levels to mask air conduction? threshold of non-test ear + CF-15 (MEM-5 + saftey factor-10)
What do you need a plateu of in order to mark threshold? tone heard over masking noise
when do you need to mask for bone conduction? when there is a significant air-bone gap in test ear (greater than 10dB)
How do you determine starting level for bone conduction masking? EM = AC non-test ear + CF + OE
what is the occlusion effect for 250 Hz? 20 dB
What is the occlusion effect for 500 Hz 15 dB
what is the occlusion effect for 750 Hz 10 dB
what is the occlusion effect for 1000 Hz 5 dB
what pediatric test is used for ages 5 months - 2 years Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
What pediatric test is used for ages 2-4 years Conditioned play audiometry
What test is used for ages greater than 5 years Standard Audiometry
what test is rarely used and what ages does it used for Tangible Reinforcement Operant Conditioning Audiometry. Ages 3-4
what are high frequencies responsible for in speech and what induces it Consonants, clarity, hearing with background noise. Ageing, noise exposure, ototoxic drugs
what are low frequencies responsible for in speecha nd what induces it volume, trouble with intonation patterns, tend to speak loudly
How do you predict SRT values? PTA - 2 dB
what can high frequency mixed or conductive loss indicate? Canal Collapse
What is Normal hearing? up to 20 dB
what is Mild hearing loss? 25-40 dB
What is moderate hearing loss? 45-60 dB
what is severe hearing loss? 65-90 dB
what is profound hearing loss? above 90 dB
What is typical compliance for children .25 - 1.05 ml
What is typical compliance for an adult 0.3 - 1.7 ml
what are the norms of peak pressure? -200 - 50 daPa
What is typiccal Equivalent Ear canal Volume for children? 0.3 - 0.9 cm3
What is typical equivalent ear canal volume for an adult 0.9 - 2.0
What is a type A tympanogram? all within normative values
What is a Type B tympanogram? Flat tympanogram
what are characteristics of a Type B tympanogram? No pressure peak, no peak compliance
What does a type B tympanogram with normal volume indicate? Fluid in the ear
What does a type B tympanogram with high volume mean? perforation in the eardrum
Waht is a Type C tympanogram negative pressure
What does a type C tympanogram indicate? Retracted eardrum/ ear infections
what is the our of norm value of type c tmpanogram Peak pressure (-)
What is a type AD Tympanogram discontinuous ear drum - too much movement
what is the out of norm value of a type AD tympanogram? Peak compliance - too high
what does a type AD tympanogram indicate? Ossicular disarticulation
What is a type AS tympanogram? Stiff or shallow eardrum - too little movement
what is the out of norm value of a type AS tympanogram? Peak compliance - too low
what does a type AS tympanogram indicate? Otosclerosis
What do you do if you see a + pressure? tell pateint to "pop" their ears and try agian
When can you test a reflex? if there is normal compliance
How would you change a tympanometer for an up to 4 month old? Change tone from 226 HZ to 1000 Hz
What is an SRT Speech recognition Threshold - The lowest level at which 50% of speech is understood
What is the stimuli for SPT Spondaic words
What is the purpose of an SRT? validity check for PTA
What is agreement of SRT vs PTA? • + 6 dB good agreement • + 7 to +12 dB fair agreement • > + 13 dB poor agreement
Is the SRT a closed or open set closed
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