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Ethical, Legal, Professional and Special Needs Patients

An assistant can become certified if they take an examination given by: DANB
What is the meaning of the word team in teamwork? Accomplishing more together
Name three essential aspect of a professional appearance. Good health, good grooming, and appropriate dress.
The American Dental Assistants Association is: an organization formed by Juliette Southard
How can you show that you are a responsible person? by arriving on time, staying for the full time, volunteering to help, learning additional skills, and showing initiative, among other actions.
What is the purpose of the ADAA? to advance the careers of dental assistants, promote the dental-assisting profession, and enhance the delivery of quality dental healthcare to the public
What does HIPAA do? Specifies federal regulations that ensure privacy regarding a patient's healthcare information.
What establishes a guide to professional behavior? The code of ethics is a profession’s guide to professional behavior.
Recommendations for good grooming and appropriate dress include considering infection-control requirements when selecting clinical wear
How does a dental assistant become certified as a CDA? by passing the national DANB exam
Beneficence, in dental practice, is defined as? acting for the benefit of the patient
The four basic principles of ethics for healthcare providers are? regard for self-determination, doing no harm, promotion of well-being, and regard for justice
You know someone who lost his or her textbook and you find it. By returning it to the owner, you are applying which principle of ethics? principle of justice
Not doing something that should have been done is an act of omission
Who interprets and implements the state dental practice act regulations? the state board of dentistry
An agreement between two or more states to allow a dentist or dental hygienist who is licensed in one state to receive, usually without further examination, a license to practice in any of the other states is called? Reciprocity
A license to practice dentistry is issued by? The state board of dentistry
What is the name of the legal doctrine that states that an employer is liable for any harm caused by the actions of his or her employee while that employee is carrying out the employer’s business? Respondeat superior
What is malpractice? Professional negligence
What are the “four Ds” that must be present for a malpractice suit against a dentist to be successful? duty, dereliction, direct cause, and damage.
What is the difference between direct supervision and general supervision? Direct supervision is when a dentist is physically present when the dental auxiliary is performing an expanded function. Under general supervision, the dentist does not have to be physically present.
What is meant by res gestae? Under res gestae, statements made by any person at the time of an alleged negligent act are admissible as evidence in a court of law.
What is meant by abandonment? Abandonment occurs when a dentist discontinues treatment of the patient without proper notice.
Can a dentist refuse to treat a patient because he or she has HIV infection? A dentist cannot refuse to treat a patient with HIV, although, under specific conditions, the dentist may refer the patient to another dentist.
The best defenses against a malpractice suit are prevention and good communication with the patient
Informed patient consent means that the dentist must give the patient enough information about his or her condition and all available treatment options
Consent for treatment of a minor child must be given by Parent or Guardian
What are components of the patient’s record? examination records and radiographs
A dental assistant must not do what when correcting a chart entry? use Wite-Out® or other correction fluid to cover up the old entry
Who owns the patient’s original dental records? the dentist
What is granted from criminal or civil liability for reporting abuse as required in states that legally mandate the reporting of child, spousal, or elder abuse. Immunity
What is the main difference between a recommendation and a regulation? A recommendation is not enforceable, whereas a regulation is enforceable
What is OSAP? is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting dental asepsis and dental healthcare worker safety.
The leading federal agency in protecting people’s health and safety, at home and abroad, is the? Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
What is the primary role of OSHA in dentistry? to ensure a safe work environment
All medical and dental devices intended to be sold in the United States must first be cleared by the? Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
The governmental regulatory agency that ensures the safety and effectiveness of disinfectants associated with dentistry is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
What is the primary role of NICDR? to promote the general health of the American people by improving their oral, dental, and craniofacial health.
Which agency is a non-regulatory agency? CDC
What is the fastest-growing segment of the population? the older population, 65 years of age and older
This group has retained more of their natural teeth and expects to maintain them throughout their lives. The “young-old” person.
What is xerostomia? causes a decreased flow of saliva or a dry mouth.
The most commonly reported oral-related health conditions affecting older persons include? xerostomia, periodontal disease, and tooth decay
What is dementia? the loss of memory, concentration, and judgment
Patients can be categorized into five specific areas for treatment purposes. A category III patient involves? medical conditions with lifelong implications and required modifications to treatment
What common side effect occurs from taking phenytoin? Hyperplasia occurs from taking phenytoin
What is another name for a cerebrovascular accident? Stroke
What is the leading cause of death in the United States? Heart disease
What conditions are considered a form of heart disease? Hypertension, angina, congestive heart failure, and myocardial infarction are all forms of heart disease.
What organs do pulmonary disorders affect in the body? Lungs
What does the abbreviation COPD stand for? Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Patients with this disorder may have a diminished cough reflex and may not have the ability to clear the throat by coughing. muscular dystrophy
What regulates metabolism in body cells. thyroid gland
Common side effects of Dilantin, the drug used to control epileptic seizures, include? gingival hyperplasia and overgrowth of the gingival tissue
Is epinephrine recommended for use in patients with heart disease? Epinephrine and other vasoconstrictors can be administered, within limits, to patients with mild to moderate cardiovascular disease.
Diabetes mellitus is what kind of disorder? metabolic disorder characterized by high blood glucose and an absolute or relative insufficiency of insulin.
Treatment modifications for hearing-impaired patients include? speaking slowly and distinctly
When entering the treatment room with a wheelchair-bound patient, you should ensure that the patient is positioned how? The same way that he or she will be seated in the dental chair and as close to the dental chair as possible.
Something that reflects your commitments, values, and concerns related to future employment is called your? Personal philosophy
Where might a dentist advertise for a job position? A dentist might advertise in a newspaper, dental assisting program, or dental society newsletter.
The first paragraph in a cover letter give what information? Serves to introduce yourself and states how you found out about the position and your interest in applying for the position.
Should a resume list your gender, race, religion, and marital status? No
The resume should list what information? your educational background
Information to be included in the heading of the resume should include? Your name and address.
What time period is most critical in an interview? The first 10 mins.
What is the term for termination without notice or severance pay? Summary dismissal
What should you do to reaffirm your interest in the position. Send a follow-up letter.
What time frame is usually considered provisional employment? The first several weeks to 90 days is usually considered provisional employment.
How often should the employer or office manager conduct a performance review for each employee? Once a year.
One of the most important factors in your professional success and in achieving your professional goals is to? Have a positive attitude.
The office manager is responsible making sure the dental assistant has complied with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations governing the practice of dentistry in where he or she is employed true or false. False
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