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Exam II Rules for ABG & Interpretation

C02 is always what? Acidotic
HC03 is always what? Alkalotic
In the resp. parameters, what ONLY can manipulate C02? Lungs
In the metabolic parameters, what ONLY can manipulate HC03? Kidneys
What are the 2 ways to become acidotic? Gain acid or lose base
What are the 2 ways to become alkalotic? Gain base or lose acid
Normal values for pH (H+ ion concentration)? 7.35 - 7.45
Normal values for PC02 (Resp.component)? 35 - 45
Normal values for HC03 (metabolic component)? 22 - 26
Normal values for Pa02 80 - 100
Normal value for Base Excess? ±2
Base Excess < 2 is what? Metabolic acidosis
Base Excess >2 is what? Metabolic alkalosis
What is Base Excess & Base Deficit Reflects non-respiratory contribution to acid-base balance
What is step 1 in ABG interpretation? Does the PaO2 level indicate hypoxemia?
What is step 2 in ABG interpretation? Is the pH level on the acid or alkaline side of 7.40?
What is step 3 in ABG interpretation? Does the PaCO2 level indicate respiratory acidosis, alkalosis or normalcy?
What is step 4 in ABG interpretation? Does the HCO3 level indicate metabolic acidosis, alkalosis or normalcy?
What is step 5 in ABG interpretation? Does the pH show a compensated or uncompensated condition?
Rule for uncompmsated pH? An abnormal pH + one abnormal value (either PCO2 or HCO3)
Interprete this: pH 7.25, Pc02 50, HC03 24. Respiratory acidosis uncompensated
Interprete this: pH 7.51, PC02 30, HC03 26. Respiratory alkalosis uncompensated
Rule for Partial pH compensation? Tips All values abnormal. An Abnormal pH + 2 abnormal values (PCO2 and HCO3)
Interprete this: pH 7.31, PC02 32, HC03 18. Metabolic acidosis with partial compensation
Interprete this: pH 7.58, PC02 32, HC03 20 Respiratory alkalosis with partial compensation
Rule for Full pH compnsation? A Normal pH + 1 or 2 abnormal values (pCO2 and/or HCO3)
Interprete this: pH 7.38, PC02 49, HC03 32. Resp. acidosis with full compensation
Interprete this: pH 7.43, PC02 32, HC03 21. Resp. alkalosis w/ full compensation
What are tne panic values of pH? <7.2 and >7.6
Panic values for PaC02 is? <20 and >70
Panic level of HC03 is? <10 and >40
Pa02 value <80mmHg is indicative of? Hypoxemia.
Interprete this: pH 7.44, PaCO2 28, HCO3 24, PaO2 54. Compensated Respiratory Alkalosis with hypoxemia
pH= 7.48, PaCO2= 28, HCO3= 22, PaO2= 85, Respiratory Alkalosis: Uncompensated
pH= 7.33, PaCO2= 25, HCO3= 12, PaO2= 89. Metabolic Acidosis with Partial compensation
pH= 7.49, PaCO2= 40, HCO3= 32, PaO2= 100. Metabolic alkalosis: uncompensated
pH= 7.31, PaCO2= 53, HCO3= 29, PaO2= 95. Respiratory Acidosis: partial compensation
pH= 7.32, PaCO2=44, HCO3=18, PaO2=85. Metabolic Acidosis: Uncompensated
pH= 7.54, PaCO2= 25, HCO3= 20, PaO2= 80. Respiratory Alkalosis with Partial compensation
pH= 7.29, PaCO2= 51, HCO3= 24, PaO2= 90 Respiratory acidosis: uncompensated
pH= 7.42, PaCO2= 55, HCO3= 33, PaO2= 90 Metabolic Alkalosis with complete compensation
Created by: nze