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MM Unit 7


A legal document allowing a corporation to operate as if it were a person Charter
A formal, published collection of values and rules used to guide the behavior of an organization toward its various stakeholders Code of ethics
A business owned and operated by its user members for the purpose of supplying itself with products Cooperative
A business owned by people who purchase stock in the company Corporation
Someone who takes the risk to start a new business Entrepreneur
The process of planning, creating and managing a new business Entrepreneurship
The code of moral conduct that sets standards for what is valued as right or wrong behavior for a person or group Ethics
Employee who is given funds and freedom to create a special unit or department within a company in order to develop a new product, process, or service Intrapreneur
Two or more businesses that agree to provide a product sharing the cost of doing business and also the profits Joint venture
A way to limit and control those who plan to enter certain types of businesses Licensing
Special type of corporation that is taxed as if it is a sole proprietorship or partnership Limited liability company (LLC)
A partnership in which a partner's liability is limited to the amount of the partner's investment Limited liability partnership (LLP)
An organization that does not pay taxes and does not exist to make a profit Non-profit corporation
A business owned by two or more persons Partnership
A business owned and managed by one person Sole proprietorship
Regulations that specify which land areas may be used for homes and which areas may be used for different types of businesses Zoning
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