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MM Unit 6

Finance and Risk Management

Sales for which the company has not yet been paid Accounts receivable
Things a business owns Assets
A description of the type and amount of assets, liabilities, and capital in a business on a specified date Balance sheet
A detailed projections of financial performance for a specific time period usually one year or less Budget
A risk that can be reduced or avoided by actions you take Controllable risk
a risk that is caused by the uncertainty of market forces, economic trends, and politics Economic risk
A detailed summary of the financial performance for a business or a part of a business Financial statement
A risk that arises because of the potential actions of individuals, groups, or organizations Human risk
A legal responsibility for loss or damage Liability
A risk caused by the unpredictability of nature such as the weather Natural risk
All costs associated with business operations Operating expense
The money received from the sale of products and services Revenue
The possibility that a loss can occur as the result of a decision or activity Risk
Includes providing security and safety for products, personnel, and customers as well as reducing the risk associated with marketing decisions and activities Risk management
A risk for which a persons actions do not affect the result Uncontrollable risk
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