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Creek 1 Midterm

Unviersity of Oklahoma Creek 1 Midterm Definitions

Person Este
Man Honvnwv
Woman Hokte
Boy Cepvne
Little Girl Hoktuce
Grandpa Pos(e)
Grandma Poca
Preacher (H)erkenvkv
Doctor Vlekcv
Neighbor Vwolicv
Sun Hvse
Sky Sutv
Cloud Holoce
Star Kococvmpv
Wind Hotvle
Rain Oske
Tree/Wood Eto
Pond Akhvse
River Hvcce
Ground/Earth Ekvnv
Dog Efv
Cat P(o)se
Cow Wakv
Pig Sokhv
Chicken Tolose
Goat Cowatv
Horse Rakko
Turkey Penwv
Duck Fuco
Sheep Yvpe-fika
To Run Letketv
To Jump Tasketv
To Do (It) Mecetv
To fly Tvmketv
To Sing Yvhiketv
To Go Vyetv
To Talk/Speak Oponvyetv
To Walk Yvkvpetv
To Look/See Hecetv
To Listen/Hear Pohetv
To Read Ohhonvyetv
To Sleep Nocetv
To Cry Hvkihketv
to Kick Takketv
To Dance Opvnetv
To Eat Hompetv
To Buy Nesetv
To Lie Down Wakketv
To Cook Noricetv
To Go About Vretv
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