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DA chapter 2

Psychology multicultural interaction

What is Psyhology science of mind and of the reasons people think and act as they do
communication is the act of passing on along information
components of communication are sender-person who generates the message message -the thought by verbal or non verbal channel- means in which the message is sent receiver- the person who gets the information feedback -thoughts on the information
encoding specific signs and symbols
Colledge students spend ___ time listening 50%
communication is ___ % verbal and ____% non verbal 20 verbal and 80 nonverbal
Maslow Hierarchy of needs survival- physiological needs (house food) safty-no harm belonging -acceptance esteem -recognition self actualization - highest you can acheive
race sub group such as boy girl white black
ethnicity sub group shared history religion culture
self actualization is a term used by Maslow
founder of humanistic psychology Maslow
communication without words nonverbal
persons aquired beleif system is called paradigms
communication channels most used are Auditory visual kinesthetic
intamate spatial relation with family members is normally how many inches 6
Created by: kelly pierce