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Ch 56 Oral Surgery

Oral And Maxillofacial surgery

Alveolitis inflammation and infection associated with the disturbance of a blood clot after extraction of an impacted tooth
alveoplasty the surgical shaping and smoothing of the margins of the tooth socket after extraction of the tooth generally in preparation for placement of a prosthesis
bone file surgical instrument used to smooth rough edges of bone structure
chisel surgical instrument used for cutting or severing a tooth and bone structure
curette surgical instrument used to remove tissue from the tooth socket
donning act of placing on an item, such as gloves; dressing
elevator surgical instrument used to reflect and retract the periodontal ligament and periosteum
excisional biopsy surgical procedure in which tissue is cut from a suspect oral lesion
exfoliative biopsy diagnostic proceddure in which cells are scraped from a suspect oral lesion for analysis
forceps surgical instrument used to grasp and hold onto teeth for their removal
hard tissue impaction oral condition in which a tooth is partailly to fully covered by bone and gingival tissue
hemostat surgical instrument used to hold or grasp items
impacted tooth tooth that has not erupted
incisional biopsy section of suspect oral lesion that is removed for evaluation
luxate to dislocate, as a tooth from its socket
mallet hammer like instrument used with a chisel to section teeth or bone
needle holder surgical instrument used to hold the suture needle
oral and maxillofacial surgeon dentist who has specialized in surgeries of the head and neck region
oral and maxillofacial surgery dental surgical specialty that diagnoses and treats conditions of the mouth, face, upper jaw ( maxilla ) and associated areas
outpatient patient seen and treated by a physician, then sent home for recovery
retractor surgical instrument used to hold back soft tissue
rongeur surgical instrument used to cut and trim the alveolar bone
root tip picks surgical instrument used for the removal of root tips or fragments from the surgical site
scalpel surgical knife
soft tissue impaction oral condition in which a tooth is partially to fully covered by gingival tissue
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