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latin mottoes

always faithful semper fidelis
the other I alter ego
life is short; and art is forever vita brevis ars longa
seize the day carpe diem
actions not words facta non verba
art for the sake of art ars gratia artis
I came, I saw, I conquered veni, vidi, vici
in this sign you will conquer in hoc signo vinces
before the war ante bellum
love conquers all amor omnia vincit
something for something quid pro quo
let the buyer beware caveat emptor
work conquers all labor omnia vincit
to err is human errare est humanum
with a grain of salt cum grano salis
we learn by teaching docendo discimus
great is truth and it will prevail magna est veritas et praevalebit
what i am; you will be quod sum eris
i sing about war and a man arma viram que cano
he smiles on our beginning annuit coeptis
and you my son kai ta tek vou
one out of many e pluribus unum
we ought to defend our rights audmus iura nostra defendere
do not do anything too much ne quid nimis facias
jesus of nazareth king of the jew INRI