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Ch 1 Marketing

ch 1 marketing

Marketing Its the activity of creating, providing, and delivering offerings at large to customers and creating relationships to benefit the organization
Marketing Concept the act of satisfying customers want and needs while meeting organizational objectives
Value something your willing to exchange something for. Money in exchange for an object
Marketing Plan specifies market activities over a span of time.
Market Place how consumers are organized
Exchange trade of things of value between buyer and seller
Product good and services CREATING VALUE
Price everything the buyer gives up CAPTURING VALUE
Place getting product to customer (DELIVERING VALUE)
Promotion aiming at specific groups to remind buyers about a product (COMMUNICATING VALUE)`
B2C business to consumer
B2B business to business
C2C consumer to consumer
Employment Marketing fulfilling brand image through employees
Production oriented Era belief a good product will sell its self (henry ford)
Market Oriented era focuses on what consumers wanted
Value Based Marketing ear manufactures wanting to give greater value to customers
Value relationship between cost of you get what you spend for
Value Co-creation customers act as collaborators (custom nikes)
Transactional Orientation neither party expects to see the other again (buying a car)
Relational Orientation encourage customers to buy again or make products compatible with what they already have
Customer Relationship Management recording customer past to create new ways to suit their needs (hannaford coupons)
Supply Chain raw material- manufacturing-retailer-consumer
Entrepreneurs they organize, operate, and assume risk of new business
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