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Finance - Basic

损益表 sǔn​yì​biǎo income statement
收支 shōu​zhī cash flow / financial balance / income and expenditure
现金流量 xiàn​jīn​liú​liàng cash flow
资产负债表 zī​chǎn​fù​zhài​biǎo balance sheet
资产 zī​chǎn assets
欠项 qiàn​xiàng liabilities / debt
债款 zhài​kuǎn debt
中国投资有限责任公司 (中投公司) Zhōng​guó tóu​zī yǒu​xiàn zé​rèn gōng​sī (Zhōng tóu​ gōng​sī) China Investment Corporation (CIC)
中国国际金融有限公司 Zhōng​guó guó​jì jīn​róng yǒu​xiàn​gōng​sī China International Capital Corporation (CICC)
并购 bìng​gòu merger and acquisition
股权 gǔ​quán equity shares / stock right
私募基金 sī​mù​jī​jīn private equity fund / fund offered to private placement (e.g. hedge fund)
中国中化集团公司 Zhōng​guó huā jí​tuán gōng​sī Sinochem
贴现现金流 tiē​xiàn xiàn​jīn liú Discounted cash flow
负债收购 fù​zhài shōu​gòu Leveraged buyout
Created by: Lingwei5