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CH 2 the professiona

the professional dental assistant

professional organization that represents the profession of dental assisting on a national level American Dental Assistants Association ( ADAA )
the nationally recognized credential of the dental assistant who has passed the DANB certification examination and keeps current practice through continuing education Certified dental assistant ( CDA )
National agency responsible for administering the certification examination and issuing the credential of certified dental assistant Dental Assisting National Board ( DANB )
the health insurance portability and accountability act of 1996 specifies federal regulations that ensure privacy regarding a patient's healthcare information HIPPA
person who meets the standards of a profession professional
Professionalism is what distinguishes people who have a job from those who pursue a career
what are the 3 essential aspects of a professional appearance good health, good grooming, and appropriate dress
personal cleanliness involves: taking a daily bath or shower, using a deodorant, and practicing good oral hygiene
things you should not do or avoid regarding good grooming do not use perfume or cologne, avoid the use of tobacco products because the odor lingers on your hair and clothing and is offensive in a professional setting
what does team stand for Together, Everyone, Accomplishes, More
the dental office can be a stressful place for patients and staff, so it is important to do what maintain a positive attitude
how can a dental assistant demonstrate work responsibility by arriving on time, staying for the full shift, being a cooperative team member, and not asking to leave early
everything that is said or done in the dental office must: remain confidential
many people do not enjoy a visit to the dentist and are often stressed or intimidated, the dental assistant must: demonstrate sensitivity to the patients needs, show empathy, say the right thing at the right time and be sincere
in 1924 the ADAA was fromed by who Juliette A. Southard
what are the requirements of pathway II to take your CDA exam high school graduation or equivalent, minimum of 3500 hours work experience as a dental assistant, current CPR card,
Created by: cynthia.fryer
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