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Chapter 4 vocab AM

Ran along the Appalachian Mountains,western part of the western part of the colonies. Backcountry
the product is just enough for themselves and sometimes a little extra to trade Subsistence farming
a trade route with three stops Triangular trade
4 major steps taken to make sure England made money from the colonies trade Navigation acts
importing or exporting goods illegally smuggling
soil rich enough to grow food to sell cash crop
where millers are used to cruch things into grains gristmill
a variety of different ethnic groups diversity
craftspeople,became iron workers and makers of glass. furniture, and kitchenware artisan
wagons used to carry produce all around the town conestoga wagon
a plant that yeilds a deep blue dye indigo
Introduced indigo as a cash crop Eliza Lucas
Best know southern planter, remembered for his writing also in history divided line beetween Virginia and North Carolina William Bryd 11
people that supurvise a group of about 20 to 25 slaves overseer
20 slaves that gathered weapons and killed people,also seeked freedom Stono Rebellion
Mountains that stretched from eastern Canada south to Alabama Appalachian Mountains
where waterfalls prevent large boats from keep moving upriver fall line
"Foot of the mountains" broad plateau that leads tot he Blue Ridge Mts.to the appalachian mts piedmont
large gropus of famillies (sometimes in a thousands) clan
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