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personal finance 9th

chapter 1 choosing your career

A U.S Department of Labor publication that gives in-depth job descriptions and information in eleven career categories. Occupational outlook handbook
A monthly publication of the U.S Department of Labor that contains current articles about occupation clusters,and many statistics, tables, and graphs. monthly labor review
A listing of the positive and negative attributes of a career choice. job analysis
The amount of your monthly or annual pay is called__? salary
Sick pay, vacation time, and profit sharing are examples of __, which you receive in addition to income. benefits
The ability to advance to positions of greater responsibility refers to __ opportunities. promotion
uniforms and their cleaning are examples of __ that are not paid for by employers. employee expenses
job duties and activites called__, are important because you do these things every day on the job. work characteristics
a listing of strengths, weaknesses, and plans of action designed to improve a persons employability self-assesment inventory
the learing of new and different skills so that an employee can retain employability. retraining
intensive, speacialized programs ( taken after obtaining the first college degree)that prepare participants for higher-level work responsibilities. advanced degree
for students seeking job or career help a(n) __ offers advice and counseling for students in making career choices. placement center
the attainment of higher skill levels to extend or enhance employability. upgrading
a person is a(n)__ when he or she actively seeks new knowledge, skills, and experiences. lifelong learner
__ are nations that currently have little industries and a low standard of living and represent opportunities for businesses to invest. developing countries
to cope with __, there are three things you can do: accept it, reject it, or ignore it; progress cannot be stopped. change
one who organizes, manages, and assumes the ownership risk of a business or enterprise. entreprenuer
informal communication structures that are established for people to talk to each other and share information. networks
true or false: Chances are you will be able to stay in the same job, without any changes, for 25 years or more. False
True or False:Less education is neccessary to prepare for a career than was the case 10 or 20 years ago. False
True or False: Employees expenses are costs paid by employees but not reimbursed by employers. True
True or False: new technology will require many workers to upgrade and retrain or be unemployed. true
True or False: a person going into business (entreprenuer) has many sources of information or assistance to help him or her. true
True or False: having another person objectively assess your strength and weaknesses is one way to help clarify your self-assessment. True
True or False: businesses should stick with what is working today rather than reinventing themselves for what might happen in the future. false
True or False: networking begins with having a complete system with contacts-personal, business, and professional-already in place false
True or False: most economists agree that America should move forward and maintain leadership in the information age, rather than try to recapture leadership in manufacturing. true
True or False: while long-term planning is neccessary for business, it is not an essential part of an individuals career planning. false
which of the following is not an example of a developing country that has risen economically in the past few years? (a) Sweden (b) Brazil (c) South Korea (d) Mexico (a) Sweden
one of the highest paying career groups is (a) agricultural (b) profesional (c) informational (d) industrial (b) prefessional
which one of these is not a publication of the U.S Department of Labor? (a) Occupational Outlook Handbook (b) dictionary of occupational titles(DOT) (c) business periodicals index (d) monthly Labor Review (c) business periodicals index
in a job analysis which of these is considered a positive feature of a career? (a) employee expenses (b) benefits (c) downsizing (d) all of these (b) benefits
informal groups of people with common interests are called (a) networks (b) upgrading (c) retraining (d) entrepreneurs (a) networks
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