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czech travel phrases

useful phrases in english for czech tourists!

Where's the nearest toilet? ver iz ze nirest tojlet? Kde je nejbliž zachod?
What time does the Prčic train leave? vot tajm duz ze prčic trejn liv? V kolik hodin jede vlak do Prčic?
Where can I buy tickets? ver kan aj baj tikitz? Kde se kupuji listky?
How much does a ticket to Prčic cost? hau mač duz a tikit tu Prčic kost? Kolik stoji listek do Prčic?
Where can I leave my luggage? ver kan aj liv maj lagidž? Kde se mužu nechat zavazadlo?
Could you help me please? I have been attacked and robbed. Kud ju help mi please. Aj hef bin atakt end robd. Mohl byste mi pomoct, prosim? Byl jsem přepaden a oloupen.
They were tall with dark hair, but I'm afraid I couldn't recognise them. dey ver tol viz dark her, bat aj am afrajd aj kudnt rekognajz dem. Byli vysoci, s černymi vlasy, ale obavam se že bych je nepoznala.
This jacket is lovely and fits me well, but it has to be dry cleaned, which I don't like. Dis džaket iz lavly end fitz mi vel, bat it has tu bi draj klind, vič aj dount lajk toto sako je pekne a padne mi dobre, ale musi se chemicky čistit, a což se mi nelibi
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