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ch 17 oral path

oral pathology

The study of oral pathology is important for the dental assistant so as to recognize the difference between normal and abnormal conditions
a___ diagnosis is made by providing treatment and seeing how the condition responds therapeutic
a broad term for abnormal tissues in the oral cavity is lesion
which of the following types of lesions extends above teh mucosal surface blister
a benign tumor is non cancerous and a neoplasm
a general term that literally means "white patch" is leukoplakia
the common term for an aphthous ulcer is canker sore
___ is teh general term used to describe inflammation and changes to teh tongue glossitis
a(n) ____ is a malignant neoplasm that comes from bone osteosarcoma
smokeless tobacco is associated with an increased incidence of tooth loss from periodontal disease
because the immune system of teh patient with HIV is severly damages, deazth is usally caused by an opportunistic infection
when cells of the body divide and a deformity of a part of teh body occurs, it is what kid of disorder a developmental disorder
a condition characterized by abnormally large jaws is macrognathia
the condition known as ___ refers to any teeth in excess of the 32 normal permanent teeth supernumerary teeth
a hereditary abnormality, in which there are defects in the enamel formation is amelogenesis imperfecta
any tooth that remains unerupted in the jaws beyond the time at which it should normally erupt is referred to as impacted
an oral habit consisting of involuntary gnashing, grinding, and clenching of the teeth is bruxism
dental complications of oral piercings include chipped, teeth, broken teeth, and serious infections at the site of piercings
what is an example of a drug that is a known teratogen involved in congenital malformations aminopterin
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