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Ch 63

after the _____ has completed the case presentation to the patient, the _______ may be asked to handle the discussion of the fees involved dentist , buisness assistant
what should be made, in an unhurried manner, with the person responsible for the account financial arrangements
what is the means or process of recording, classifying, and summarizing financial transactions accounting
what does asscounts recievable manage the money owed to the practice
what system is used to handle the accounts receivable computer system and pegboard system
patient account ledgers are organized according to the __ responsible party
prior to treatment what form can be submitted to the insurance carrier that can provide information on what the coverage is and what the patient copay will be pretreatment estimate
what is maintained in order to have money available when a patient pays cash change fund
when should all recepits, checks and cash be deposited daily
what includes buisness expenses that continue consistently; these are costs that are incurred regardless of whether the dentist is in the office and whether professional services are actually being provided fixed overhead
the person named on the check as the recipient of the amount shown is known as the __ payee
what reads "For deposit only to the account" which allows the check to be deposited only in the account of that individual or company restrictive endorsement
where can you find the information that requires an employer to take certain deductions from an employee's pay for payroll taxes Circular E booklet of the IRS
___ pay is the amount the dental assistant takes home after all the deductions are made Net
which form indicates the number of exemptions the employee is claiming W-4
Another name for social security is FICA
How can a person obtain dental insurance from an employer or spouse's employer as part of a group plan, through an individual plan
of the parties involved in dental insurance, the carrier is the party that pays the claims and collects the premiums
in which of the prepaid dental programs must the dentist accept the amount paid by the carrier as payment in full and not bill the patient for the difference fixed fee schedule
participation in _____ means that the dentist has contracted to provide to subscribers all or most of the dental services covered under the program, in return for payment on a per capita basis a capitation program
under _____ a subscriber to a dental insurance plan has the option to continue coverage if he or she changes jobs, is laid off or retires COBRA ( consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act )
when a patient has dental coverage under more than one dental plan this is called dual coverage or secondary coverage
under coordination of benefits, the patient may receive payment from multiple carriers, but the total received may not be more than _____% of the actual dental expenses 100
what code must the dental assistant use when reporting dental procedures and filing insurance forms code on dentql procedures ad nomenclature
the two patient signature boxes on the insurance claim form are necessary for release of information and assignment of benefits
_____ codes are used to simplify dental transaction processing under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 CDT
What is an example of dental insurance fraud billing for services not provided, changing fees to obtain a higher payment
when billing a dental code what letter do you put in front of the number D ( for dental )
what is the code for new patient , initial exam D0150
what is the code for a full mouth series of x'rays D0210
what is the code for an adult prophylaxis D1110
what is the code for an adult fluoride treatment D1204
BONUS : what is the code for a molar root canal D3330
Created by: cynthia.fryer