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LD 1

Cards for the Learning Disabilities one session.

Phonological Awareness Understanding the symbols are actually letters of the alphabet and then translating them into sounds.
Alphabetical understanding "mapping of print to speech" that establishes a clear link between a letter and a sound
If intervention is started at this grade, later difficulties are greatly reduced. Kindergarten
What is required for effectively teaching older struggling readers? phonological awareness, decoding, reading fluency, word recognition, meanings, comprehension, and writing
What are the four causes of poor reading? neurological, familial, social disadvantage/cultural, instructional
Number sense is closely related to this "reading" task recognition and comprehension
We are much more likely to remember information if we review it within how much time of an exam? 24 hours
Spelling is comprised of ... phonemic awareness and known sight words
Task Analysis the process of identifying what needs to get done to finish a given undertaking
What is a good way to make sure students are able to take notes on the most important information? provide an outline
Created by: EFilkins