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Life is Cellular

Chapter 7-1 BIOLOGY

The discovery of the cell was possible due to the invention of the microscope
Who was the first person to see cells? Englishman Robert Hooke
Why did he call them cells? Because they reminded him of a monastarys tiny rooms
Who was the first person to see tiny organisms living in water? Anton Van Leeuwenhook
What are the three componets of the Cell Theory 1. All cells are composed of cells 2. Cells are the basic units of structure and function in living things 3. New cells are produced from exsisting cells
High resolution video technology can be used to produce moves of cells as they? grow, divide, and develop
Transmission electron microscopes can be used to explore cell_____________ and large _____________________ molecules. structures and protein
Scanning Electron microscopes produce what kind of images of the cell? 3D
Specimens under electron miscroscopes must first be preserved or stained? preserved
What type of microscope is needed to observe single atoms? Scanning Probe Microscopes
What 2 things do all cells have? DNA and a Cell Membrane
Define Nucleus? a large membrane enclosed structure that contains the cells genetic material in the form of DNA
Cells are catergorized depending on whether or not they have a ? nucleus
Prokaryotes have genetic material that is not contained in a ? nuclues
What type of organisms are prokaryotes? bacteria
Prokaryotes grow, reproduce and respond to the enviroment
What four organisms are classified as eukaryotes? Plants, Animals, Fungi, and Protists
Eukaryotic Cells are smaller or larger than prokaryotes? larger
Cell biologists divide the eukaryotic cells into 2 major parts. What parts are they? Nucleus and Cytoplasm
The nucleus is surrounded by a what composed of 2 membranes? nucleur envelope
What are small particles of RNA and protein found throughout the cytoplasm Ribosomes
One function of _________________ is the digestion or breakdown or lipids, carbohydrates and proteins into _______________ that can be used by the rest of the cell. lisosomes and small molecules
Most cells get energy in one of two ways from ____________ or from the ______. food molecule or from the sun
Organells that convert the chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convenient for the cell to use Mitochondria
Biological equivalents of solar power chlorplasts
Unlike other organells that contain no DNA, what organells contain their own genetic information in the form of smal DNA molecules? chloroplasts and mitochondria
Wat structure does eukaryotic cells have that helps support the cell? Cytoskeleton
What plays a critical role in maintaining a cell's shape? microtubules
___________ are located near the nucleus and help to organize cell division. ___________ are not found in plant cells. Centrioles and Centrioles
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