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Thai (LING)

100 Thai Words

dii good! right! okay!
(f)cheu name
(h)phop gan to meet
(h)ruu (l)jak to know; be acquainted
(l)yuu to be there; present; to live; dwell
(f)mai no; not
tham to do; to make
(l)laew already; past tense marker
yang not yet; still
(h)khrap (female); (l)kha (male) (no translation) polite particles
arai what?
(f)thii (r)nai where?
(f)meua rai when?
tham mai why?
yang ngai or yang-rai how?
khrai who?
thaang (r)nai which way? which direction? which method?
(f)thau rai how much?
(l)gii how many?
(f)gor (f)dai any (please yourself)
(r)hiu hungry
(l)yaak want to; would like to
(r)khor may I have? (polite request)
au I want; bring me; I'll take
(l)noi a little; a particle taht softens a request; placed in final position
(f)chorp to like; have a liking for
(l)phet hot (spicy)
a (l)roi delicious; tasty; nice
(l)im full; to have had enough
ah(r)aan food; meal
(h)seu to buy
raa khaa price
(h)lot to reduce, lower
kha (l)naat size; (r)sii color
pha (l)naek department; section
(r)khaai to sell
(l)jaai to pay
(f)chau to rent; hire
(f)khaa fare; rate; tariff
(f)laek to exchange (money)
(f)duai with; by means of
(f)kheun to go up; ascent; to get on (a mode of transport); to increase; get more
long to go down; to get off (a mode of transport)
jorng to book; reserve
glai far
(f)glai close
tha(r)non road
soi side-street
(f)khang side
jang(l)wat province (a common spelling is Changwat)
sabai comfortable; healthy
(r)theung to reach; arrive at
(f)phor father
(f)mae mother
(f)phi older sibling
(h)nong younger sibling
mia wife (informal)
Phanrayaa wife (formal)
(r)phue husband (informal; impolite)
(r)saamii husband (formal)
(f)pheuan friend; companion
(l) dtaeng to decorate
kohn person; people
jai heart mind
(r)sia to spoil
(f)thiau trip; excursion; traveling about
duu to watch; look at
sa(r)daeng to perform; show; exhibit
(f)reuang story; subject; matter
(f)len to play; to do something for fun/amusement; not seriously
(h)rorng to cry out; utter a sound
(f)dten ram to dance (ballroom)
phlehng song
don dtrii music
sa(l)nuk to have fun; enjoy oneself; to be fun amusing; entertaining
(f)waa that
(l)bork to say; tell; inform
(f)phuut to speak; talk; say
(r)thaam to ask (a question)
bplae to mean (by explanation; translation); to translate
(f)riak to be called; to call
(h)khit to think; recon; calculate
(h)phro because; as
kham word(s); speech
gamlang "in the process of"
(l)bpuat to ache
(l)jep to hurt; be sore
bpen to suffer (from illness)
aagaan symptom(s)
dtorn part; section (of time or space)
(r)suan dtua personal
yaa medicine; drugs
(l)dtit stuck; attached; addicted
(f)nuat massage
(r)haai to disappear; to get better
(h)wat temple
(h)phra title before sacred places, persons, and objects; a monk
bun (religious) merit
(l)sak(l)sit holy; sacred
(r)siin moral precept
(f)haam to forbid; to be forbidden
rongrian school
(r)nag(r)seu book
wan day
(f)reuk auspicious
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