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English Tone Words

uncertainty; the simultaneous existence of two opposed and conflicting attitudes ambivalent
reasoning from what's proven analytic
lacking interest or concern apathetic
to be confused, frustrated, or stymied baffled
showing or implying a usually patronizing descent from dignity condescending
distrusting of people's virtue, morals, or integrity cynical
boldly resistant or challenging; intentionally disrespectful defiant
disrespectful; contempt contemptuous
absence of emotional involvement detached
intended to instruct didactic
to with contempt; to despise disdainful
sudden or complete loss of courage; lacking in enthusiasm dismayed
indifference; disregard; lack of interest dismissive
deeply sincere earnest
intensely joyful ecstatic
open to interpretation; ambiguous equivocal
feeling angry and impatient exasperated
indicating or showing disbelief; skeptical incredulous
feeling anger caused by injustice or meanness; fairly angry indignant
lenient; allowing of unrestrained gratification indulgent
to be curious or interested in intrigued
sometimes sarcastic; contrary to what was expected or intended ironic
to treat with ridicule or contempt; belittling mocking
seemingly cool or unconcerned; indifferent nonchalant
neutral; unbiased; unemotional; not influenced by prejudices objective
expecting the best possible outcome optimistic
expecting the worst possible outcome pessimistic
to be confused, perplexed, or uncertain puzzled
capable; limited or restricted to one thing qualified
excepting of the inevitable without resistance resigned
expressing respect, awe, and even love reverential
violent disgust or hatred revulsion
intentionally hateful or mocking sarcastic
tending to indulge in emotions excessively sentimental
questioning; showing doubt skeptical
very serious; grave; somber solemn
poised and not embarrassed unabashed
driven by whim; spontaneous; fanciful whimsical
full of wishful yearning; characterized by melancholy wistful
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