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Jackson Ch1

The Study Of Life. Biology
Are Highly Organized, Tiny Structures With Thin Coverings Called Membranes. Cell
Is The Process By Which Organisms Make More Of Their Own Kind from One Generation To The Next. Reproduction
Is The Sum Of All Of The Chemical Reactions Carried Out In An Organism Metabolism
The Maintenence Of Stable Intternal Conditions In Spite Of Changes In The External Enviromental Is Called Homeostasis. Homeostasis
A Gene Is The Basic Unit Of Heredity. Gene
The Passing Of Traits From Parent To Offspring Is Called Heredity. Heredity
A Change In The DNA Of A Gene Is Called Mutation. Mutation
Change In The Inherited Characteristics Of Species Over Generations Is Called Evolution. Evolution
A Species Is A Group Of Genetically Similar Organisms That Can Produced Fertile Offspring. Species
The Process By Which Individuals That Have Favorable Variations And are Better Adapted To their Enviroment Survive And Reproduce More Sucessfully Than Less Well Adapted Individuals Do. Natural Selection
Is The Branch Of Biology That Studies The Interactions Of Organisms With One Another And With The Nonliving Part Of Their Enviroment. Ecology
A Genome Is The Complete Genetic Material Contained In An Individual. Genome
A Virus That Attacks And Destroys The Human Immune System. HIV
Is A Growth Defect In Cells A Breakdown Of The Machanism That Controls Cell Division. Cancer
Which Is Caused By An Inherited Defect In A Gene. Cystic Firbrosis
The Replacement Of A Defective Gene With A Normal Version Is Called Gene Therapy. Gene Therapy
Is the act of nothing or percieving objects or events using the senses. Observation
Is an explanation that might be true. Hypothesis
Is the expected outcome of a test, assuming the hypothesis is correct. Prediction
Is a relative measure of the hydrogen ion concentration within a solution. pH
A planned procedure to test a hypothesis. Experiment
Is a group in an experiment that recieves no experiment treatment. Control Group
The factor that is changed in an experiment is called the Independent Variable. independent Variable
The variable that is measured in an experiment is called the Dependent Variable. Dependent Variable
Is a set of related hypotheses that have been tested and confirmed many times by many scientist. Theory
Created by: DeangeloJackson