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Software system

Where would you go to check on a patients health history or Medical alert red cross symbol in medical alert box, in document center where patient registration forms/ Health history would be scanned
What Icon would you click on to find a patient the man with the blue shirt
where can you find information containing financial transactions patient ledger
which icon should you use to go to a patients family file the one with a file folder and two heads
which icon should you use to go to a patients clinical chart ( tooth chart ) the one that looks like a tooth
which icon would you use to get to the document center to view all information that has been scanned into a patients file the icon that looks like a file folder
where can you find information regarding the patients address, phone # ect in the family file
which window in the family file can you click on to check insurance benefits primary/secondary dental insurance
in the patient chart ( clinical ) if you want to chart existing treatment done by another dentist which icon do you use the anatomic crown that has the letters EO on it, in between # 11 and 12
if you want to chart treatment needed which icon do you use the anatomic crown that has the letters TX on it, in between # 12 and 13
when you want to add treatment to a tooth how is this done you click on the tooth first then go to your quick button or find procedure under procedure codes
when charting with 2 people how can this be done in an efficient manner chart all things that are alike at the same time, missing teeth , DO Amalgams on 1,2,3 12 ect
how can you get to the periodontal chart in the patient chart click on the icon that looks like the working end of the periodontal probe in between # 3 and 4
where on the periodontal chart do you start to record measurements distal buccal of # 1 if present
how many ways are there to chart bleeding points 2, click directly below the bleeding area in column that says Bld, or in tooth information box click in box Bld directly below recorded measurement
how is mobility recorded in the perio chart in tooth information next to where it says mobility you click by the # to represent the mobility ( 0,1,2,3,4 )
where are furcation grades recorded in the periodontal chart in the tooth information box next to FG click on the area and highlight the furcation measurement to be recorded
how do you record a measurement over 10 mm click on the 1.. then + and the following #
where do you go to put procedure notes either in the patient chart under procedure notes under the direct treatment done or in the ledger
Created by: cynthia.fryer