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Speech Language Pathology Educated and trained to identify, evaluate, treat, and prevent speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing disorders
Audiology Educated and trained to identify, evaluate, treat, and prevent hearing disorders, plus select hearing aids
Communicate Means by which individuals relate wants, needs, feelings, knowledge, and experiences
Forms of communication Speech, sign language, writing, gestures, facial expressions
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Professional organization that represents speech-language pathologists and audiologists.
Clinical Year Fellowship (CFY) A 36-week mentored clinical experience after coursework is completed; required by ASHA.
continuing education units Additional education that professionals must do to remain current in the field
scope of practice SLPs identify, evaluate, diagnose, and treat people with communication disorders and swallowing problems.
habilitation The initial learning of a skill.
rehabilitation Re-learning a skill.
diagnosis Determination of the type and cause of a disorder based on signs and symptoms or obtained through case history.
language "a socially shared code or conventional system for representing concepts through the use of arbitrary symbols and rule-governed combinations of those symbols"
suprasegmentals Inflections such as stress, intonation, and rhythm that help listeners understand the true intent of a message and also convey emotions.
linguistics Study of structure and function of a language.
phonology Study of speech sounds and the system of rules underlying sound production and sound combination
phoneme shortest arbitrary unit of sound in a language that can be recognized as being distinct from other sounds.
morphology The study of the structure of words.
morpheme The smallest unit of language having a distinct meaning; prefix, root, suffix.
syntax the rules that dictate the acceptable sequence and combination of words in a sentence
grammar the rules of the use of morphology and syntax
semantics the study of meaning in language conveyed by words, phrases, and sentences
idiom Figure of speech
pragmatics the rules governing the use of language in social situations; includes the relationship of the communicators, their environment, and their intentions.
paralinguistics vocal cues other than words, including volume, rate, pitch, pausing, and silence.
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