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Pharmocol test 2

drug tricks

Benzo, pro, co, tetra- caine ester local anesthetic
BLMPR- caine amide local anesthetic
Makes you sleepy Sedative
Puts you to sleep hypnotic
prevents seizure anti-epileptic
stops seizures if they have already started anti-convulsant
relaxed but aware stage 1 sleep
unaware, but easily awaken stage 2 sleep
rest and restoration occurs, body re-energizes, not aware and hard to wake up, sleep walking might occur stages 3 & 4 sleep
Barbital, bital, primidone Barbs
chlordiazepoxide, clorazepate, -pam, -lam Benzos
-ine, -in, dimenhydrinate antihistamines
Lunesta, Sonata, ambien, rozerem Miscellaneous, sleep aids
naturally occuring sleep aid in turkey tryptophan
1st non narcotic, non scheduled sleep aid Rozerem
drug that marilyn monroe overdosed on Secobarbital
-azine phenothiazines
loxapine, molindone, pimozide, thiothxene, -peridol typical antipsychotics
aripiprazole, -pine, -done atypical antipsychotics
vilazodone, sertraline, -ox-, -pram ssri's
Brand name: prestiq, cymbalta, savella, effexor ssnri's
Brand name: pamelor, -in, -il tca's
Marplan, Nardil, Parnate Maoi's
doxapram, modafinil, amphetimine psychomotor stimulants
Created by: henson_brittney