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chapter 3 vocab Am

Backed investors meaning,they put money in a project to earn profit. joint-stock company
A written contract,issued by the goverment holding the right to establish a colony. charter
First pernament english settlement named after King James. Jamestown
A solider that took control to make sure colonists worked. John Smith
The people that gave their labor to those who payed for their passage to the colony. indentured servant
The first representative assembley created in 1619 held in the American colonies. House of Burgesses
The refusal of Nathaniel Bacon's demand colonists marched to jamestown. Bacon's Rebellion
Separaist group, James attacked them for rejecting England's official church. Pilgrims
A agremment that vowed they will obey laws, for the good of the colony. Mayflower Compact
Religious groups that escaped because of the way they were treated by King James. Puritans
When many puritans families left for America. Great Migration
Purtians and Thomas Hooker wrotelaws,these laws were a constitution. Fundamental Orders of Conneticut
Was a minister who found the first baptist church in American. Roger Williams
She belived anyone can belive in God without a bible,church,or a minister. Anne Hutchinson
Purtians colonies fought a brutal war with native Americans. King Phillips War
Govenor of the dutch colony of the New Netherland lost his leg in 1644. Peter Stuyvesant
A person who brought 50 people to the New Netherland. patroon
Because of the threat and the trade england made they tried to kick dutch out. Dude of York
New Netherland is New York's proprietary colony. proprietary colony
A large landowner in America.Born into a wealthy familly. William Penn
A person who belived all people are equal no matter their reliogiouns or ethnic groups. Quakers
A colony that was ruled by goveners appointed by King. royal colony
Founder of Georgia as a refuge for debtors. James Oglethorpe
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