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Chapter 24 Waterline

Dental unit waterlines

A mechanism that prevents entry of fluids and microorganisms into water lines as a result of negative water pressure. Antiretraction device
What is biofilm? Slime producing bacterial communities that may also harbor fungi, algae, and protozoa.
A number of separable cells on the surface of a semisolid agar medium that create a visible colony. Colony-forming units
Small-bore tubing, used to deliver dental treatment water through a dental unit. Dental unit waterline
Bacteria that use organic carbon as a source of nutrients. Heterotrophic bateria
Name two heterotrophic bacteria. Protozoa and fungi.
Having an immune system that is weakened. Immunocompromised
Genus of bacteria responsible for the disease legionellosis. Legionella
Use of membrane filters to trap microorganisms suspended in water. Microfiltration
Planktonic describes bacteria that are? Freely floating in water.
Is it true that some bacteria enter directly from the city water supply? Yes
Is it true that flushing the waterlines will remove biofilm from the lines? No
What are the two ways of testing the water to see if the waterline cleaning regimen is effective? Commercial testing and In-office test kit.
A rubber dam is a protective barrier that eleminates the exposure to and greatly reduces direct contact to dental unit water. Yes
What is backflow a potential source of? Cross-contamination.
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