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Chapter 23 Chem Man.

Chemical and waste management

High levels of exposure over a short period. Acute exposure
Comprehensive list of every product used in the office that contains chemicals. Chemical inventory
Repeated wxposure, generally to lower levels , over a long time. Chronic exposure
Items such as gloves and pateint napkins that may contain the potentially infection body fluids of patients are called? Contaminated waste
What does the EPA do? Make environmental laws protecting public health and restoring the environment.
Wht does OSHA stand for? Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Waste that poses a risk to humans or to the environment is called? Hazardous waste
Waste that is capable of transmitting an infectious disease is called? Infectious waste
What is MSDS and what does it provide? Material Saftey Data Sheet is a form that provides health and safety information regarding materials that contain chemicals.
What is regulated waste? Infectious waste that requires special handling, neutralization, and disposal.
Is it true that you can wear latex gloves when using chemicals? No
How do you know if a chemical is hazardous? If it is ignitable, corrosive, reactive, toxic, or is listed by the EPA.
What is the NFPA label blue section rating of 3 indicate? Health hazard is high.
What is the NFPA label yellow section rating of 4 indicate? Instablility hazard is extremely high.
What is Photochemical waste? Radiographic fixer and developer.
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