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Chapter 21 Steriliz

Intstrument sterilization

Instrument for sterilization by means of moist heat under pressure. Autoclave
Vials of strips,used to determine whether sterilizatin has occurred. Biologic indicators
Sterilization by means of hot formaldehyde vapors under pressure. Chemical vapor sterilization
Instrumentfor sterilization by means of heated air. Dry heat sterilizer
Item used to penetrate soft tissue or bone. Critical Instrument
A resistant, dormant structure formed inside of some bacteria that can withstand adverse conditions. Endospore
Multi-parameter indicators are strips placed in packages that change color when exposed to a combination of heat, temperature and time. They are also know as what? Process integrators
Process that kills all microorganisms. Sterilization
Instrument that loosens and remove debris by sound waves traveling through a liquid. Ultasonic cleaner
What is Use-life? Period of time during which a germicidal solution is effective after it has been prepared for use.
What is the risk of disease transmission on a semicritical insturment such as a mouth mirror? Moderate
What is a fundamental rule of infection control? If an item can be heat-sterilized, it should be heat-sterilized.
What are the 4 divisions of the instrument processing area. 1. Receiving, cleaning, and decontamination. 2. Preparation and packageing. 3. Sterilization. 4. Storage.
What is a holding solution? Any noncorrosive liquid for dirty instrument that cannot be cleaned immidiately.
What is the least desirable method of cleaning instruments? Hand scrubbing
Handpieces should be sterilized by what method? Steam Autoclave
Ultrasonic scaling tips should not be sterilized using what methods? Dry heat oven and Chemiclave.
Name one advantage of using a steam autoclave. Short time, no corrosion or Instruments dry quickly following cycle
Name one advantage of using a dry heat oven. No corrosion, Can use closed containers, or Items are dry after cycle.
Name one disadvantage of using unsaturated chemical vapor. Instruments must be drym, damages some plastic and rubber items, requires special solution, cannot sterilize liquids, cannot use closed containers, or cloth crap may absorb chemicals
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