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Chapter 20 Disinfect

Substance for killing microorganisms on the skin Antiseptic
Blood, saliva, and other body fluids. Bioburden
Effective, rapid-acting disinfectant Chlorine dioxide
Chemaical used to reduce or lower the number of microorganisms on inanimate objects. Disinfectant
A product capable of killing fungi Fungicidal
High-level disinfectant Glutaraldehyde
Intermediate-level disinfectant Iodophor
Household bleach Sodium hypochlorite
EPA intermediate-level disinfectant with broad-spectrum disinfecting action. Synthetic phenol
Capable of inactivating tuberculosis-causing microorganisms. Tuberculocidal
Capable of killing some viruses. Virucidal
A product capable of killing spores would be called? Sporicidal
Suface not directly touch but often contacted by contaminated instruments. Transfer surface
What are some disadvantages to surface barriers? Adds plastic to the environment May be more expensive Requires a variety of sizes and shapes May become dislodged during treatment
Name some places single-use disposable items might be placed. Headrest, light handles, switches, evacuator hoses, evacuator hoses, patient mirror, xray control
Why must surfaces be pre-cleaned? If a surface is not clean, it connot be disinfected.
How long does Hydrogen peroxide have to be left on a surface for it to be considered a high-level disinfectant? 30 mins.
What is your goal in performing treatment room cleaning? To clean and disinfect dental treatment rooms effectively.
What high-level disinfectant is effective can be used for healthcare workers who have a sensitivity to glutaraldehyde? Ortho-Phthalaldehyde
How long a product may be stored before use. Shelf life
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