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CHCS 7th Ch1

CHCS Life Science Chapter 1

science man's observations of the physical world; must be measurable, observable,and repeatable
observation information that a person has gained by using one of more of his 5 senses
universal negative a statement that excludes everything; look for words such as "no" or "none"
value judgement determination of the worth or beauty of something, if something is right or wrong
presupposition a person's bias or opinion
worldview the perspective from which a person interprets all evidence in their life
Christian worldview the beliefs that the Bible is the Word of God and that it is the only completely reliable thing in this world
Dominion Mandate the responsibility that mankind has to govern God's creation, and to use it for God's glory
The Fall mankind's first sin and the curse that resulted from that sin
scientific method an organized way of arriving at a workable solution to a problem
hypothesis an educated guess
data recorded information obtained in an experiment or survey
survey a method of collecting data that determines how common or rare particular observations are
experimental group the group that gets the experimental variable...the one that is being tested
control group does not get the experimental variable
classify arranging/organizing data so that relationships can be seen
verify repeating experiments to make sure the answer is correct
scientism the belief that scientific observation is the only way to learn about the world and that science can yield answers in all fields of study
Created by: mrslisawatson