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pharm test 1.2

specific drugs

acetylcholine direct acting cholinergic
bethanechol direct acting cholinergic
carbachol direct acting cholinergic
cevimeline direct acting cholinergic
pilocarpine direct acting cholinergic
varencline direct acting cholinergic
donepezil indirect acting cholinergic
edrophonium indirect acting cholinergic
echothiophate indireect acting cholinergic
galantamine indirect acting cholinergic
malathion indirect acting cholinergic
neostigmine indirect acting cholinergic
physostigmine indirect acting cholinergic
pyridostigmine indirect acting cholinergic
rivastigmine indirect acting cholinergic
atropine anticholinergic
dicyclomine anticholinergic
hyoscyamine anticholinergic
oxybutnin anticholinergic
scopolamine anticholinergic
tolterodine anticholinergic
ephedrine a1 agonist
midodrine a1 agonist
naphazoline a1 agonist
oxymetazoline a1 agonist
phenylephrine a1 agonist
pseudoephedrine a1 agonist
precedex a2 agonist
albuterol slow acting b2 agonist
arformoterol long acting b2 agonist
levalbuterol slow acting b2 agonist
pirbuterol slow acting b2 agonist
salmeterol long acting b2 agonist
terbutaline b2 agonist used for premature labor
alfuzosin selective a1 blocker
doxazosin selective a1 blocker
prazosin selective a1 blocker
silodosin selective a1 blocker
tamsulosin selective a1 blocker
terazosin selective a1 blocker
phenoxybenzamine non selective a1 blocker
phentolamine non selective a1 blocker
acebutolol selective b blocker
atenolol selective b blocker
betaxolol selective b blocker
bisoprolol selective b blocker
esmolol selective b blocker
metoprolol selective b blocker
nadolol non selective b blocker
pindolol non selective b blocker
propranolol non selective b blocker
timolol non selective b blocker
carvedilol a&b blocker
labetalol a&b blocker
dobutamine catecholamine
dopamine catecholamine
epinephrine catecholamine
norepinephrine catecholamine
atracurium non depolarizing nmb
cisatricurium non depolarizing nmb
doxacurium non depolarizing nmb
gallamine non depolarizing nmb
mivacurium non depolarizing nmb
pancuronium non depolarizing nmb
rapacuronium non depolarizing nmb
roncuronium non depolarizing nmb
tubocurarine non depolarizing nmb
vecuronium non depolarizing nmb
succinylcholine depolarizing nmb
dantrolene peripherally acting skeletal muscle reactant
baclofen centrally acting skeletal muscle reactant
carisoprodol centrally acting skeletal muscle reactant
chlorzoxazone centrally acting skeletal muscle reactant
cyclobenzaprine centrally acting skeletal muscle reactant
metaxlone centrally acting skeletal muscle reactant
methocarbamol centrally acting skeletal muscle reactant
orphenadrine centrally acting skeletal muscle reactant
Created by: henson_brittney