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Ch 16 Nutrition


compounds in proteins used by the body to build and repair tissue amino acids
eating disorder caused by an altered self image anorexia nervosa
eating disorder characterized by binge eating and self induced vomiting bulimia
producing or promoting tooth decay cariogenic
lipids fats
organic and inorganic chemicals in food that supply energy nutrients
describes food products that have been grown without the use of chemical pesticides,herbicides or fertilizers organic
neutral fats triglycerides
food choices must be based on what sound information and knowledge
Recommended dietary allowances are what the levels of essential nutrients that are needed by individuals on a daily basis
the "mypyramid"consists of what six panels grains,vegetables,fruits,milk,meat and beans,fats sugars ans salts
what are the 6 key nutrients carbohydrates, proteins, fats,water,vitamins and minerals
what is used as the body's chief source of energy carbohydrates
carbohydrates are divided into three groups: simple sugars, complex carbohydrates ( starch ) and dietary fiber
what is indigestible and pass through the intestinal tract unchanged dietary fiber
water soluble fiber which is found in oat bran, furits, and vegetables helps to do what lower cholesterol
insoluble fiber which is found in whole grains and beans helps to do what prevent colon cancer and may reduce risk of heart attack
complex carbohydrates which are found mainly in grains, vegetables, and fruits are important because why they provide energy
is fiber classified as a nutrient no
simple sugars are formed in the mouth from refined carbohydrates that are found in processed foods such as sugar, syrup, jelly, bread, crackers, cookies,candy,cake and soft drinks
Empyt calories those that provide only caloiries and no other nutrients or fiber
in many low fat or reduced fat foods, fat is replaced with what sugars
what is the major factor is determining the cariogenicity of a carbohydrate how long the food stays in the mouth
salivary flow serves as which 2 functions speeds clearance of food from the mouth and provides a source of dietary fluoride
proteins are the only nutrients that can do what build and repair body tissues
how many amino acids have been identified 20
how many amino acids are essential in the adult for normal growth and maintenance of tissues 8
where do the essential amino acids that adults need for normal growth come from food
how are proteins classified as complete, partially comoplete or incomplete
contains a well balanced mixture of all 8 essential amino acids, will support life and normal growth complete protein
supplies an unbalanced mixture of essential amino acids. will maintain life but will not support normal growth partially complete protein
does not support life or normal growth, it is missing or is extremely low inone or more of teh essential amino acids incomplee protein
each gram of protein supplies ___ calories 4
most fats in the diet are triglycerides or neutral fats which occur in both animal and plant food
fats are also called lipids
fats have how many important functions in the body 6
what are the important functions of fats in the body energy,provides essential fatty acids, transports vitamins,provides heat insulation,components of cell membranes and myelin the covering around nerve fibers, forms protective cushions around boyd organs
what does the american heart association recommen recarding the daily caloric intake of fats no more than 30 % of daily calorie intake should be in the form of fats
the overconsumption of fats is related to what cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and some cancers
what is cholesterol and where is it found a fat, found in saturated fats from animal sources ( and is also manufactured in the body)
good fats in our diet polyunsaturated and mono unsaturated fats
bad fats in our diet cholesterol and saturated fats
body fat is devided into two categories HDL and LDL
HDL stands for high density lipoprotein
LDL stands for low density lipoprotein
many foods that are high in saturated fats are also high in what cholesterol
what is the recommendation per day for cholesterol intake less than 250 mg which is the amount present in one egg yolk
what antioxidants can prevent cholesterol from oxidizing and damaging the arteries vitamins E and C and beta carotene
vitamins do not supply _____ but they are needed to release _____ from carbohydrates,fats,and proteins energy,energy
to date how many vitamins have been discovered 13
how many vitamins are fat soluble and which ones are they 4, A D E and K
how many vitamins are water soluble 9
which water soluble vitamins are naturally present in food and are easily destroyed during food preparation B and C
minerals account for what of body weight 4 %
14 minerals are considered to be essential
which minerals are needed in larger amounts sodium,potassium,calcium,chloride,phosphorus, and magnesium
which minerals are needed in smaller amounts iron,zinc,copper,selenium,chromium,magnagnese, iodine, and fluorien
what is water often called the forgotten nutrient
water plays a role in helping to build tissue, aids in regulating body temperature and acts as a lubricant for joints and mucous membranes.
the body is approximately ___% or __/__water 80, 2/3rds
human can live longer with out ____ than with out _____ food, water
how much water is recommended that aduls comsume on a daily basis 64 ounces
fruits and vegetables are ___% water and meats are ___ to ____ % water 80,40-60
what are some great sources for magnesium dark green vegetables, nuts, soybeans,whole grains, bananas,apricots, seafood
what is the funtion of magnesium bone and tooth formation, protein synthesis, lipid metabolism
what are the deficiency symptoms of sodium weight loss, central nervous system abnormalities
when did the USDA require that all food products must contain a nutrition facts label 1995
every food label must include individual serving size, number of servings per container, total calories, calories derived from fat content, percentage of daily value
what order are ingredients listed on the ingredient label in descending order of weight to indicate the proportion of any ingredient
according to a label that says " LOW FAT " its stating that the fat content is lower that the same brand regular product
when did the USDA set rules regarding the labeling of organic food 1990
foods with the organic label musht have been : grown with out the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Also the use of hormones in organic seed preparation is prohibited.
most of those who suffer from eating disorders are 14-25 years old, white and affluent
what is often referred to as " binging and purging" bulimia
the bulimic person believes that self worth is related to being thin
in the dental office how can we recognize a bulimic patient they often have severe wear on the lingual surfaces of their teeth caused by stomach acid produced by repeated vomiting
physical signs of possible anorexia nervosa include muscle wasting,amonorrhea,dry skin,constipation,burttle nails, and thin brittle hair.
dental risks for the female athlete include enamel decalcification, increased caries, and increased periodontal and soft tissue inflammation
dental professionals are often the first health care providers to diagnose what an eating disorder
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