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Ch 3 team

dental healthcare team

dental lab tech who has passed a written national exam and performs dental lab services Certified dental technician
oral healthcare professional trained to provide supportive procedures to the dentist and to patients dental assistant
specialist who installs and maintains dental equipment dental equipment technician
licensed oral healthcare professional who provides preventive, therapeutic, and educational services dental hygienist
professional who performs dental lab services such as fabricating crowns, bridges, and dentures, as specified by the dentists writen prescription dental laboratory technician
specialty that promotes oral health through organized community efforts dental public health
new trend in the dentistry that treats patients to a variety of amenities, including massages and herbal masks, in a spa like atmosphere dental spa
representative of a dental supply company who provides dental supplies, product information, services, and repairs dental supply person
oral healthcare provider licensed to practice dentistry dentist
representative of a specific company who provides information concerning the company's product detail person
dental specialty that diagnoses and treats diseases of the pulp endodontics
dental specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treats conditions of the mouth, face, upper jaw and associated areas oral and maxillofacial surgery
dental specialty that diagnoses and treats diseases of the oral structures oral pathology
specialty within dentistry that focuses on preventing, intercepting, and correcting skeletal and dental problems orthodontics
dental specialty concerned with neonatal through adolescent patients as well as patients with special needs in these age groups pediatric dentistry
dental specialty involved with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting tissues periodontics
dental specialty that provides restoration and replacement of natural teeth prosthodontics
what does DDS stand for doctor of dental surgery
what does DMD stand for doctor of medical dentistry
how many specialties does the ADA recognize 9
the minimal education required for a dental hygienist is 2 academic years of college and an associate's degree in an ada accredited dental hygiene program
what must a RDH pass to be licensed by the state in which he or she practices? written national or regional board examinations and clinical state board examantions
minimal standards for schools accredited by the commission on dental accreditation require a program of approximately _____ for dental assistants 1 year
who works primarily with the dentist who uses four handed dentistry techniques. chairside assistant
who is responsible for seating and dismissing patients, as well as preparing and caring for instruments and treatment rooms circulating assistant
who is responsible for efficiently and sfely processing all instruments and managing biohazard waste sterilization assistant
who has received additional training and is legally permitted to provide certain intraoral patient care procedures beyond the duties traditionally performed by a dental assistant expanded functions dental assistant
who is primarily responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the buisness office buisness assistant
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