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History of Dentistry

Chapter 1

commission that accredits dental , dental assisting, dental hygiene, and dental laboratory educational programs commission on dental accreditation of the american dental association
formal article or book based on dental evidence and facts dental treatise
area of dentistry that establishes the identity of an individual on the basis of dental evidence such as dental records, impressions, bite marks, and so forth forensic dentistry
infections and other conditions of the structures that support the teeth periodontal disease
study under the guidance of a dentists or other professional preceptorship
a mixture of mercury, silver, and tin silver amalgam paste
more than ________ years ago , a cleft palate was repaired on a child in China 2200
who was the earliest dentist that practied about 3000 B.C. and was called " Chief of the toothers and the physicians" Hesi-Re
who was known as the father of medicine Hippocrates
a solemn obligation to refrain from wrongdoing and to treat patients with confidentiality and to the best of one's ability is also know as what The Hippocratic Oath
Who mistakenly stated that the gingiva was responsible for tooth formation and thought that men has 32 teeth and women had only 30 Aristotle
Who was it that used arsenic to treat decayed teeth and developed a silver amalgam paste for fillings the Chinese
what was believed to be responsible for toothaches toothworm
who developed tooth-cleaning powders made from eggshells, bones, and oyster shells mixed with honey The Romans
Who was the first author to mention the nerves of the teeth Claudius Galen
Who was the first to describe the differneces between molars and premolars Leonardo da Vinci
Who was it that described a toothache as "the most atrocious pain that can torment a man without being followed by death" and was also known as the"father of modern surgery" Ambroise Pare
Who originated the title of " surgeon dentist" and dispelled the theory that tooth decay was caused by a toothworm and was also known as the " father of modern dentistry" Pierre Fauchard
who was regarded as the first native-born american dentist Isaac Greenwood
which 2 men are listed as being George Washington's Dentist John Baker and John Greenwood
In 1840 who established the frist dental college in the world Horace Hayden and Chapin Harris
What was the name of the first dental college in the world Baltimore college of dental surgery
the first dental college in the world is now known as what University of maryland , school of dentistry
Who was known as the"Grand Old Man of Dentistry" G.V. Black
What were the 2 major contributions to dentistry from G.V. Black the principle of extension for jprevention and the standardized rules of cavity preparation and filling
who discovered x-rays, or radiographs in 1895 Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
who is the dentist credited with the discovery of inhalation anesthesia in 1844 Horace Wells
Today women represent ____ % of students in some dental schools 50
who was the first black woman in the country to earn a formal DDS degree, and the first black woman to practice dentistry in Chicago Ida Gray ( Ida Gray-Rollins )
Who was the first female dental assistant Malvina Cueria
Who is credited with employing the first dental assistant C. Edmund Kells
who was the first dental hygienist Irene Newman
In the 1900's what postion did dental staff work in standing
Created by: cynthia.fryer