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Quiz 48,8,15

DAP 107 quiz ch 48,8 and 15

_________ are thin layers of esthetic materials that are bonded to the fronts of teeth Veneers
Veneers cover defects, close diastemas, and relieve rotations with out what orthodontics
Veneers are cemented with flowable resin material
what should you avoid using on ceramic restorations as they could roughen the restoration acid etchants and acidic fluorides
The characteristics of hue, chroma and what must be taken into consideration when shade is determined? value
Most dental offices have a combination of what 2 kinds of lighting fluorescent and incandescent
what is the preferred source of light for picking a tooth color shade natural light
what should you have a female patient do prior to picking a shade for the teeth? remove lipstick or heavy makeup
gypsum products are manufactured as what plaster,stone,high strength stone and gypsum bonded investment
larger irregular particles in gypsum products make a __________stone weaker
smaller more uniform particles in gypsum products are stronger
______ has the highest rate of expansion plaster
______ have the lowest rate of expansion stones
_______ is the result of growth of crystals as they join together setting expansion
the _____ the porosity of the final gypsum product , the less surface detail it has greater
______ is much more soluble than _____ plaster, stone
if you are pouring a diagnostic model you use_____ plaster
if you are making a crown or a bridge, you use die stone
it takes about ____ to mix plaster / stone completely 1 minute
after mixing stone/plaster you have about ___ minutes of working time 5
the loss of _____ indicates that the gypsum has reached its initial set gloss
The final set is reached once the material is hard and the ____________ reaction __________ completely exothermic, cools
how long should you wait according to manufacturers to separate the impression from the cast 1 hour
Gypsum products can absorb water from what the environment
Gypsum products should be stored in ____,____ ____ containers airtight, moisture proof
what is also known as vital bleaching tooth whitening
name 3 indications for using a tooth whitener extrinsic stains, aged discolored teeth,intrinsic stains
what is the active ingredient(s) in whitening products carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide
with 10% - 15% carbamide peroxide gels, how long should you wear the tray for 1 hour 2 x day for the first week , 1 x day for the second week
with 20% - 22% carbamide peroxide gels, how long should you wear the tray for 1 hour x day for 2 weeks
how long should you wear your tray if using hydrogen peroxide gel in your tray 15-30 minutes, 2 to 3 x a day for 2 weeks
how long did I say you should tell your patients to wear their bleaching trays 30 min a day for 7 - 10 days
what is used to whiten the teeth on the whitening strips hydrogen peroxide
what are 2 possible complications to tooth whitening thermal hypersensitivity and tissue irritation
Created by: cynthia.fryer