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DA Chapter 4

The most widely used brushing technique is? Modified bass
What is the most effective way to remove bacterial plaque from the proximal surfaces of the teeth? Dental floss
What is the optimal level of fluoridation? 1 ppm
When dispensing dental floss, an appropriate length is? 18"
The condition that causes an abnormally dry mouth is called? Xerosteomia
A sticky mass that contains bacteria and grows in colonies on the teeth is called? Plaque
The age group in which children are very concerned with fitting into a group and doing what others do is? 9-12
Dentifrice refers to? Toothpaste
A condition where the enamel shows varying degrees of white areas or brown lines could be? Enamel hypoplasia
Which foods naturally contain small small amounts of flouride? Meat, Vegetables, Cereal and Citrus fruits
T/F Each patient should be treated as an individual when developing personal oral hygiene goals. True
T/F Acute fluoride poisoning is very common. False
T/F A patient should drink milk as a demulcent when fluoride toxicity is suspected. True
T/F With increased exposure to fluoride, the enamel of the teeth may become cracked and pitted. True
T/F There can be a dual benefit of chewing fluoride tablets. True
T/F Topical fluoride can assist in the remineralization of decalcified areas. True
What should individuals do to prevent decay? Brush, floss, and dental visits
Describe plaque... White sticky mass that contains bacteria
Write the dental decay equation... Sugar + Plaque= Acid + Tooth= Decay
The use of disclosing agents will? Makes plaque visible
Which organization awards a seal of acceptance classification to products that are safe and effective for self-care? ADA
Mouth rinse is used for? Breath, taste, and debris removal
Correct toothbrush design includes... Firm handle, flexible nylon bristles, and lightweight course
How often should the teeth be flossed? Daily
Which prosthetic device requires special oral hygiene care? Fixed bridge
Orthodontic appliances must be kept plaque free by using what? Floss threader, interproximal brushes, and waterpic
Chronic fluoride poisoning can result from what? High fluoride levels in H2O or combinations of several fluoride sources.
What is the primary dental health benefits of fluoride? Reduction of dental caries
Fluoride compounds used today are? Sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride and acidulated phosphate
What are the aids for cleaning between the teeth? Interproximal brush, floss, rubber and wooden stimulators, floss holder and threader, water irrigation.
What brushing technique is this...The brush is angled toward the occlusal surface Charters
What brushing technique is this...The brush points towards the apex and is rolled away from the gumline Rolling stroke
What brushing technique is this...The brush is held flat against the teeth and moved in a circular motion Fones
What brushing technique is this...Brush is held at a 45 degree angle and then vibrated back and forth Bass or modified Bass
What brushing technique is this...The brush is moved back and forth with a scrubbing motion Modified scrub
What brushing technique is this...The brush is swept downward and vibrated away from the gum line Stillman